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Hello world! welcome to my workplace bullying blog!

February 14, 2010
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There is so much to say about workplace bullying that I’ve been finding myself unable to keep up.

In Australia, we’ve been bombarded with stories about workplace bullying in the media recently, and lots of opinion pieces and reactions, which have really showcased the divergent views on this subject.

Blogging my thought about this seems like it could be an effective way to have something to say.

A bit about me:

I’m an academic, (background in psychology),  and some of my research concerns workplace bullying.  I became interested in it due to my work on stress – and for someone interested in stress, bullying is the work place stressor of our times.

I’ll fill you in on some of the stuff that’s been going on in Australia recently, and about my background and interests really soon as I set up the blog.



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I'm an academic in Sydney Australia, with a background in Psychology and a particular interest in health and safety at work. "Psychological hazards" are one of my main interests: stress, bullying, fatigue at work, and form the basis of my Mean Business blog